I stand in solidarity with the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement. Celebrate diversity and demand justice.


I live in the midwest, and I have a little brick-n-mortar shop and learning center where I sell unique goods and offer community classes and groups.  I'm a former professional speaker and English/Drama teacher with a Masters degree in Liberal Arts.

I have a passion for learning and teaching, and I've taught classes to people ranging from junior high students to company CEOs. 

I love helping people connect with their own inner wisdom and Mother Earth, and my classes include Home Herbalism, Natural Skincare, Tarot, Earth Wisdom, Women's SpiritualityCreativity and Healthy Living... and MORE. 

I've written a book called the Tarot Rapid Read Resource, which is what I wish I had when I needed to look at notes for reading Tarot. It is a concise and handy tool to read ANY Tarot deck (see the "SHOP" menu tab).

I look forward to connecting with you!