Prickly pear is a fantastic herb + food

herbs Jun 12, 2020

Did you know prickly pear's ability to draw out venom/debris can be potentially life saving?  It's an herb I would never want to be without for medicine. In the warm weather, its pads store water and become plump and firm and juicy inside.  If someone in my family were to be bitten by a snake, the first two things I would do would be to grab my bottle of echinacea root tincture and slice off a prickly pear pad. The spines need to be removed, and you want to be especially careful of the fine hairs, called glochids, which are very painful and hard to see/remove once embedded in skin.  Those are easily burnt off by holding the pad with tongs over a flame.  Then slice the pad down the middle, so you have two ovals with exposed gel in the middle.  Cut to size of wound and apply gel side to skin, holding on with an elasticized or ace bandage.  If you want to read an amazing story of how this has been used for remarkable recovery from rattlesnake bite,...

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Judgement and the Ancestors

tarot May 21, 2020

I’ve always read the Tarot's Judgement card as “Discernment” or “Ascension.”  It is one of the cards in Tarot I’ve always felt was misnamed, and I think the name throws people off when they are first learning to read.  But today, the card was something else entirely.  This is the spread and the cards:

I was paired up with Juana in a Tarot Explorers’ Club breakout paired reading session.  I love when there are an odd number of people during paired readings and I get to join in the fun.  I find new insights are frequently sparked during these sessions, even though I have been reading Tarot for 25+ years – and today was one of those times.

I created this spread as a variation of the Celtic Cross, and the bottom card represents something under the surface of things that is having an influence.  Now, normally with Judgement in that position, I would go the direction of maybe it represents people in your...

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