The Sun Tarot Card: One Child or Two?

tarot Jul 19, 2020

Here comes the sun... Immediately the Beatles song starts playing in my head and I think of the Sun Tarot card, Winter Solstice and Summertime.

The traditional RWS Sun card shows a naked toddler holding a huge red banner astride a big horse with a wall, the sun and sunflowers in the background. Around the child’s head is a wreath of small sunflowers, and in his/her hair is a red feather. 

While the RWS imagery looks very similar to the oldest known Tarocchi deck (Visconti), the original decks hailing from France had two children and no horse.

Author Rachel Pollack offers some interesting food for thought about where the two children come from and why that imagery might be preferable.

Remember the story of Rapunzel? Most of us can recall the refrain, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,” and the image of a dashing young man climbing Rapunzel’s hair to be with his beloved. But there is MUCH more to the story. Were they discovered by the Sorceress who...

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Judgement and the Ancestors

tarot May 21, 2020

I’ve always read the Tarot's Judgement card as “Discernment” or “Ascension.”  It is one of the cards in Tarot I’ve always felt was misnamed, and I think the name throws people off when they are first learning to read.  But today, the card was something else entirely.  This is the spread and the cards:

I was paired up with Juana in a Tarot Explorers’ Club breakout paired reading session.  I love when there are an odd number of people during paired readings and I get to join in the fun.  I find new insights are frequently sparked during these sessions, even though I have been reading Tarot for 25+ years – and today was one of those times.

I created this spread as a variation of the Celtic Cross, and the bottom card represents something under the surface of things that is having an influence.  Now, normally with Judgement in that position, I would go the direction of maybe it represents people in your...

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