Every home needs an herbalist.


Our great-great grandparents knew which plants to use for medicine, and how to collect, store and prepare them. Unfortunately, that wisdom has been lost to our modern culture.


Reconnect and reclaim the wisdom of partnering with plants for healing.



What would it be like to grow and gather your own herbs and make your own plant medicines for healing?  


Imagine opening your apothecary cabinet in your home and seeing jars of dried herbs and herbal tinctures, vinegars and oils that you grew, gathered and made yourself. 

Imagine having a home first aid kit stocked with plant medicines that you know how to use to help your family and community when needed. 

Learning how to do all this is EMPOWERING, and we invite you to join us for a 10-month journey through the seasons to make this vision a reality. 

Over the 10 months, we cover wild and cultivated herbs, identification, how & when to plant, how & when to gather, and how to create many different herbal preparations.  

We weave together both ancient wisdom and scientific research, incorporating the best of both to help you become a confident and effective home herbalist.  

The class is designed seasonally, so that each month's class has a focus on what we are doing as home herbalists in our own homes and gardens.  

It is inspiring and motivating to connect with like-minded people, learning about the herbal gifts of the earth.  


About the 10-month Home Herbalism Course


The course begins in January and ends in October. 

Each month you will receive a package containing organic, sustainably grown herbs and handouts for the month's class.

Each month's class offers an opportunity to interact directly with the focus herbs for that month. 

Each class incorporates what a home herbalist is naturally doing in that month: 

  • In winter months we use dried herbs to make teas, oils and salves;
  • In spring we plant seeds and meet wild spring herbs;
  • In summer we gather and make herbal preparations with fresh herbs;
  • In autumn we collect seeds and dig roots.

You will also learn how and why to work with the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of Mother Earth.

In addition to the professional-quality recorded classes, we will offer live zoom gatherings monthly with a bonus lesson, check-in, and time for questions and answers. Students also have access to a private online forum community where they can interact with one another and ask questions any time.

Join us as we journey together around the Wheel of the Year with herbs, respectfully using what we grow and what Mother Earth offers, honoring both the wisdom of the ancestors and current herbal usage and research.
Whether you are a beginner or a home herbalist wanting guidance in putting all the pieces together, this course will give you a practical foundation so you feel comfortable and confident growing and using herbs for yourself and your family every day.


Mother-Daughter team, Tamara and Twila, have been teaching about herbs for over a decade, and have been home herbalists for more than 40 years combined! 

They have an herb & gift shop in the midwest and both have a passion for learning and teaching.

Connect with Mother Earth

Make a variety of herbal preparations

Use herbs everyday

Make herb-loving friends

Join the herbal community

Create your herbal apothecary

Gather & Prepare Wild & Cultivated Herbs

Grow your herb garden

What some of our students have to say...


The Home Herbalism Class is extraordinary!  I truly couldn’t have asked for better direction or more in-depth knowledge. They give you a base to work from and provide meaningful research to back up what they teach. I highly recommend this course to others looking to expand their knowledge of our good earth herbs. Thank you Tamara and Twila -- my herb notebook runneth over!     

- Karen J.


The Home Herbalism classes are a beautiful journey through the seasons. I have learned many practical things that have already helped to heal me and my family. The mother-daughter team is a wonderful plus, adding depth and dynamics. As we have met over the 10 months, we have grown together as we have learned and shared as a group. I HIGHLY recommend this class! It is worth every minute and penny invested!!  

- Terri G.


The Home Herbalism course has changed the way I think about and relate to plants.  While deeply appreciative of the medicinal aspects, the spirit of the plant is the deeper medicine.  It’s from a place of deep gratitude for this wisdom that I have learned the reasons and seasons to honor, collect, dry, tincture, drink and season food.  Twila and Tamara have shared their collective 35+ years of herbal experience in a heartfelt, information-packed manner through handouts, samples, demonstrations and imagery.  

- Kim M.

This course gave me beautiful reasons to fall in love with my surroundings, slow down and enjoy the gifts of each season. When journaling with meditative herb assignments, I recognized that my intuitive nature with plants was stronger than I previously thought. My ability to sense the herbs and the way they affect my body was stronger when I allowed myself the time and space to feel it. I had never done that before. This made me more confident to play with herbs in my kitchen, garden, and healing practice. An unexpected joy was learning how to gather with intention from Mother Earth and thrive off of her abundance. I then taught my children how to forage and they shared information with their neighborhood friends. It’s been fun talking to those parents about the conversations our children are having regarding these gifts of nature.
Natural healing was a part of my lifestyle before I began this course. Incorporating herbs into every day through meals, drinks, and body care was never so personal until after the class began. And now as we are winding down, herbs are a part of my dreams, business, and future. Twila and Tamara have changed my world through sharing their craft. I am so grateful. Thank you.

- Juli J.


Herbs. Healing. Holistic. Heart-Warming Friends. Happiness. You will find all of these when you take this class.  

- Karen T.

The Home Herbalism course has shown me so many ideas of how to use herbs in my everyday life.  The camaraderie of learning together, widening my circle of herb friends has been an added gift to joining this class. Your time and love in developing and sharing these teachings is much appreciated and you both have been my herbal inspiration. 

-Kris B

Enrollment for our 2021 Home Herbalism Course is closed. 


Email us at [email protected] to receive an invitation to enroll in our 2022 Home Herbalism course when enrollment opens November 2021.


We look forward to working with you!