Foundation + Intuition + Practice

The ONLY Tarot course that helps you put ALL the pieces together.




This beginning Tarot course covers: 


• The Fool’s Journey through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana

• Interpreting the suits of Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles

• Integrating the personalities of the Court Cards

• Using Numerology to add value to your readings

• Trusting your intuition to give Tarot readings that flow


... and MORE!


How the Course Works:


• Live zoom KICK-OFF to meet the other students and jump right into reading Tarot for one another.

• Six easy-to-follow virtual classes are released one-at-time and are available to watch at your convenience in the virtual classroom (website). Each of the classes are over an hour long, but they are broken down into shorter, easily-digestible sessions.

• Printable handouts, notes and guides give you a permanent record of class material.

• Live zoom sessions every other week provide LIVE practice with the material and reading Tarot with other students.

What Students have to say:

I took Tamara's introductory Tarot course, and in six sessions, she opened our eyes to the splendid world of tarot symbolism and interpretation. She has a vast knowledge of the subject, and it was immediately evident that she reads widely about tarot and she has extensive experience reading tarot cards and spreads. She presented various schools of thought, but she also shared with us her own valuable insights and experiences with readings. She brings a common-sense approach to her intuitive readings, not too new-agey and not too formulaic. She was always  meticulously prepared and gave us numerous helpful handouts and references to additional resources. Tamara has an engaging personality and a light sense of humor, so that class time flew by and we always finished the class feeling energized and eager to practice what she taught us. We learned many different ways of approaching tarot readings, and, now that the class is over, I feel inspired to keep building on what she presented and expand my own reading abilities. I —and, I think, most of the other students—would happily take additional classes from Tamara. She is an outstanding communicator and a deeply knowledgeable teacher. - Jonathan P.

 I loved this class!  Tamara is clearly a born teacher.  As someone who came to the class with some previous knowledge of tarot, I found that her keen insights and vibrant teaching style helped me to deepen my knowledge and comfort with the cards and gave me tools that will serve me for the rest of this fool's journey!  I'd take this class again in a heartbeat.  Thank you, Tamara! - Marty S.

The Learn the Tarot course was a marvelous experience. I'm very much a classroom-oriented type of learner, and the structure of the classes along with the zoom practice sessions managed to supply that despite the fact that we didn’t meet in person. I recommend this course!  - Lydia A.

As a new Tarot reader, I struggled with almost everything. The interpretations in the book I had didn’t always match up with the question being asked. After taking this course, I have a much better understanding of the role of each segment of the deck…majors and minors, as well as the courts. I found the numerology part of the class especially enlightening. The course was well put together and informative. The Zoom practice sessions were engaging and my favourite part of the course.

Sign up and take this course! It is a great value. - Barb B.

I am eternally grateful for this course, it gave me the confidence to start trusting in my intuitive self. It has been life changing. - Suzana O.

Before taking the course I was struggling the most with how to explain what I saw in the cards. After finishing the course I have more confidence with my Tarot reading, and I feel I can more easily drop in to a grounded place. The course was much more comprehensive than I expected, and I appreciated the research and density of the content. Tamara definitely over-delivered. - J. Simons

I have been enjoying Tamara's Tarot gatherings for years, and being a long-time teacher myself, I know a good teacher when I see one. Tamara is all that and a bag of chips. As a complete Tarot beginner, the Learn the Tarot course gave me and the other students a firm foundation of Tarot and fostered confidence in our intuitive skills.
Tamara successfully combines her professional speaking and business-owner experiences with consistently powerful, insightful and revealing readings of the Tarot. Most importantly, the classes in the course are exceptional, and Tamara’s hosting skills make the zoom practice sessions seamless and enjoyable.

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