Lilith embodies our sovereignty to declare our desires and do what must be done in order to live them out.

According to parts of the Bible that were left out of modern versions, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was created from the same earth as Adam. As equals.

But Adam wanted Lilith to lie beneath him as subservient. Lilith refused, and when Adam would not relent, Lilith uttered the secret name of God, giving her power over God, enabling her to leave the Garden of Eden. 

Ancient Jewish Midrash, or retellings of biblical stories, portray Lilith as a demon. But contemporary, feminist theologians like Judith Plascow have incorporated women’s experience and women’s voices into traditional texts with their own Midrash. Plascow transforms the fearsome, vilified Lilith into a wise, empowered woman.

Lilith embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of our unconscious or unrealized desires, sensuality, and unbridled sexuality. She owns her body and soul completely. For many women, Lilith is an icon of freedom. Lilith is the first woman. She is the woman who refused to be dominated or defined by anyone or anything outside of her.

Lilith asks: “What would happen if you leave everything behind?”

She wonders what prevents you from getting to experience all that you desire. Is it you? Is it an idea of whom you have to be? Is it society’s definition of what it means to be a woman?

Lilith asks the questions that sometimes never fully reach the light of consciousness.

Lilith is unclaimed. She is the ruler of her body and soul and she reminds us that we are too. And not only that, we have a sacred obligation to be the body’s fierce protector.

She asks us to think about: If I am entirely equal to everyone, what do I choose for my life? If I see myself as worthy, as the first woman ever created by the divine what more would I ask for? Am I living the life I desire? Am I actually fulfilled sexually in my current relationship? Are there aspects of my sexuality I haven’t been able to face and voice?

Lilith refused to settle. She answered all these questions within her, and took action on the truth she uncovered. Lilith demanded that she meet with what she really desired. And she’s here to demand that we all do the same. 

- Adapted from The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson

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