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What students say...

This class is FULL of incredible information and recipes that have been carefully researched and tried out.  I feel confident knowing Tamara is a reliable teacher.  She teaches from what she practices herself – that says it all!  The class was fun and mind blowing, and I left excited and ready to try it.  My skin feels better each day. I HIGHLY recommend this class and the others I have taken from Tamara. They are worth every penny and time invested.  –Terri G.

What a great class! I hadn't expected so much information to be covered! I walked away with a plethora of great information and I have pages and pages of notes and handouts for future reference. Best of all, I have a "roadmap" for healthy, natural skin and body care that will work for my whole family. Time and money well spent - take this class!  –Denise S.

I have been following the skincare regimen for just a few days and my skin already looks better – smoother and calmer! I love making my own toner and cleanser and will be hooked on your serum from now on. :)  Thank you so much for your wealth of information, Tamara!  – Hannah T.

As usual, this Good Earth Herb School class has exceeded my expectations. Almost every question had been anticipated. Also, the handouts were complete with all of the information necessary to get supplies and how to use them.  I have already started the routine and on day one have noticeable positive results.  –Virginia M.


To achieve the healthiest, most luminous skin possible,
we need to start with answering a few questions...

โœ” What is the skin microbiome and why is it important?
     How can we protect and nourish it?

โœ” Why is pH important?
     How do we achieve the correct pH?

โœ” Which ingredients are proven to both nourish skin
      AND penetrate deeply enough to create elasticity & collagen?

In this class, we answer those questions and many more as we walk you through the whys and hows of creating your own simple and effective skin-nourishing products that WORK and will save you hundreds of dollar$!


Tamara is half of the Mother/Daughter team behind Good Earth Herb School, an education program for home herbalists, and Good Earth Gatherings, an antiques/herbs/gift shop in the midwest.

The duo have a passion for learning and teaching, and they have been teaching about herbs and healthy living since 2011. Together they have more than 40 years of herbalism experience!

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