YES! Count me IN!
YES! Count me IN!

What people are saying about Tarot Explorers' Club

I've been reading cards professionally and for fun since the 1970s. I feel like I've learned as much since I started with TTEC six months ago as I had learned in all the years before that. Since starting with TTEC, I've learned to let intuition play a larger part in my readings. I'm not as wedded to the book-meanings of the cards, and I'm more willing to do readings where the querent's question is stated. I'm enjoying spending time with like-minded people; getting to practice the skills; and learning from others. I find our sessions deeply good, and I leave them feeling relaxed and at peace -- though a little sorry the session has ended.
Whether you're an old hand with the cards; a newbie looking for insight into the mysteries of life; or anywhere in between, I recommend TTEC for fun, fellowship, and ways to explore our spiritual and emotional inner spaces. I love how it's an accepting, supportive and nonjudgmental space.
I wish I'd found a group like this when I was starting out.  Never too late for a happy beginning, though.

- Gary H.

I have been enjoying Tamara's Tarot gatherings for a long time, beginning soon after taking her Tarot Masterclass. Her class gave us a firm foundation of Tarot, but also fostered our intuitive skills.
Tamara successfully combines her business/lecturing/small-business-owner experiences with consistently powerful, insightful and revealing readings of the Tarot. Right brain and left brain! Tamara has mastered the technical skills needed for enriching on-line gatherings. The round-robin readings of the Tarot in groups of four include all skill levels and produce empowering readings and sometimes astonishing leaps of creativity. Tarot group participants include lawyers, writers, young mothers, business marketers, palm readers, retirees, ventriloquists, therapists, magicians, long-distance's an amazing group.
I am extremely grateful that Tamara found such a successful way to move this wonderful gathering online, while retaining the welcoming and empowering experience.

-Barbara M.

TTEC has inspired me to dust off my deck and get back in touch with my cards. I like the fact that we first center ourselves as a group before we get into a reading with a few quick exercises. Also, being in different break-out rooms with multiple people gives us more in-depth, insightful readings. Being able to meet virtually from the comfort of my own space gives me time to set up and center myself before we meet, so I am in a relaxed state. I appreciate having the handouts ahead of time.
I would recommend TTEC to beginners and seasoned readers alike.

- Kimberly J.

I want to shout out how amazing Tarot Explorers Club is! I just joined the club and as a new member, I cannot explain how much I am happy about it.

Practicing live readings with fellow Tarot explorers , having Tamara giving us lessons and tips, is just an awesome learning experience. It does speed the learning process and boost self confidence!!! Thank you Tamara DeGaea for being such an amazing asset to the Tarot community, I truly appreciate learning Tarot with you. 

- Farah T.

Here's what a new member had to say when I asked her for her thoughts after her first TTEC session:

It was beyond awesome. So insightful, welcoming and joyful. I didn’t really understand the need and joy I was missing to have a community…tribe…family to really open up to tarot. I started this curious journey many many years and only really had one mentor-like person in my journey but now!!! Now I feel at home.
Thank you! I'm looking forward to more wonderful experiences and learning opportunities. ❤️

- Cheryl P.

The TTEC experience helps me have more confidence; I also so much enjoy the interaction with different people.
I would absolutely recommend TTEC to others.
My life has been so enriched!
Thank you, Tamara!

- Tonya E.

YES! Count me IN!
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