YES! I want to Try Out Tarot!

In this fantastic virtual workshop, you not only LEARN the basics of Tarot, but you also get PRACTICE with it!


This site is called Tarot Together because the most effective way to learn Tarot (or anything) is by DOING.  With Tarot, time spent practicing with other Tarot enthusiasts pays off quickly in enhanced reading abilities.

In this fun introduction to Tarot, we will cover the basics of reading Tarot as well as some tips for learning Tarot quickly.

Best of all, you will have a chance to PRACTICE what you learn with others who are just beginning too.  No judgments here!  Tamara has led groups of people learning Tarot for many years, and she skillfully helps you put what you learn into PRACTICE. 

This workshop is usually a bargain at $19 -- today for you it's only $7 --

PLUS you get a coupon for 40% off your first month of Tarot Explorers' Club -- our fantastic Tarot community with built-in opportunities for practice and learning.

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